Heart for India


This page outlines our international outreach ministry to India.  This outreach has developed since 2006 when we were introduced to Pastor Prince Kutty Thomas of Immanuel Ministries in Karnal in the north Indian state of Haryana.  More recently, via Keith Allen's web ministry we were invited to visit two additional ministries in South India - In Chennai (Tamilnadu) and Jaggampeta (Anhdra Pradesh).  In February 2009 Bruce Judd and Keith Allen visited these three ministries with the view of establishing a relationship for future support and ministry visits.  These ministries and their leaders are outlined below.

In February 2010 Bruce and Keith took a team of Cherrybrook members and friends to India to visit each of the three ministries.

 Pastor Sebastian Bernardshaw

Word of Worth Ministries, Chennai



Pastor Bernardshaw of Word of Worth (WoW) Ministries is a young man who has recently established a church in his home suburb of Ambattur - an outer western suburb of India's third largest city of 10 million people, Chennai. The church currently has around 30 regular members - a mixture of family members and mostly people from the area of Hindu background.  His parents have added on to their home to create a church meeting place. In addition to the church activities, Bernardshaw runs medical camps (one day medical clinics in low income areas), distributes bibles and clothing, provides after-school educational assistance to local children and supports a number of children with private school education.  His vision is to open a free medical clinic associated with the church, a computer training room and a bible school for training pastors and young people. He is also involved in planting new churches in villages on the outskirts of Chennai.  WoW Ministries also has recently opened a boys home which is home to three teenage boys from poor families.

 Cherrybrook and friends have supported the purchase of new chairs for the church, Vacation Bible Schools, a new laptop computer and printer, gym equipment for the WoW gym, and computer education for a number of young people.

Current needs include funding for computer education for young people, a public toilet in a poor village, 20 uniforms for a children's soccer team, and a fridge for their boys home.

Please contact Bruce Judd at [email protected] or phone 0411 257 202 if you would like to support Word of Worth projects at Ambattur.

HIS Ministries, Jaggampeta, Anhdra Pradesh

Pastor Surendra and Neelu Kumar



Jaggampeta is a village some 20-30km north of Rajamundry in Anhdra Pradesh. Surendra and his wife Neelu are leaders in a vibrant church of about 100 members which was started by his wife's grandfather. They also have a special ministry for widows and single mothers who are some of their most powerful intercessors.  Indeed intercession and worship are strong features of this church. The church is located in the heart of the predominantly Hindu village beside Surendra's modest home and is a powerful witness to its Hindu neighbours. They have had a vision to start a bible college and provide support (travel allowance) for local pastors to attend, establish a tailoring training centre for widows and abandoned women, and to run open-air evangelistic campaigns in Jaggampeta and other villages in the region.

 Since mid 2009, Cherrybrook Christian Fellowship members and friends have supported the establishment of two Tailoring Training Centres in Jaggampeta and nearby Ragampeta for widows, abandoned women and young undeducated girls. These centres train 20 women each over 6 months with sewing skills. Upon graduation each woman is given a free sewing machine, enabling them to earn an income from home and thus provide for their families.  Cherrybrook members and friends also support three children by funding their education in an English medium boarding school. Pastor Surendra and Neelu have recently established a new church on the outskirts of Jaggampeta, and in February 2011 a new church building was completed.

In early 2010 a group of 9 Cherrybrook members and friends visited Jaggampeta. We attended a graduation, visited the training centres and visited women graduates in their own homes. We were able to see for ourselves what a profound difference the training and free sewing machines had made to the lives of these women.

Financial support is required for the salaries of teachers, the rent of rooms for the training centres, and for the sewing machines that are given to each graduate. The sewing machines cost around $80 Australian each - a total cost of $3,200 every six months for 40 sewing machines.

Please email Bruce Judd at [email protected] or phone 0411 257 202 if you would like to support te Tailoring Training Centre, or other projects at Jaggampeta.

Immanuel Fellowship Ministries and Mercy Home Orphanage, Karnal, Haryana


Pastor Prince Kutty Thomas and his wife Gigi



Pastor Prince, his wife and his two associate pastors are from Kerala in South India, but were called by God to minister in India's most unreached state, Haryana. Their aim is to plant a church in each of the 6000 or more villages in Haryana that do not have any Christian presence. They run an orphanage for 24 boys, and have an outreach program to local dalit (untouchable) children in a nearby slum.    They have planted around 300 churches in villages in Haryana and Punjab states, and they personally financially support many full-tiime village pastors.  In addition to their vision of  reaching every village in Haryana and Punjab, they need to complete the construction of their new orphanage, establish a bible college, and support more village pastors. They have recently established their own primary school and are in need of support for equipment and to pay teachers salaries.

Cherrybrook Christian Fellowship is sponsoring eight children in the orphange, have provided bicycles for the older boys, and have supported the setting up the school by providing benches, desks and blackboards. There are still a number of children in the orphanage that require sponsorship (AUD$50 per month). Also there is a need for sponsorship of village pastors and teachers at the school.

Please contact Bruce Judd at [email protected] or phone 0411 257 202 if you would like to sponsor a child, a village pastor or a teacher.

How You Can Support These Ministries

 There are three main ways that you can support these ministries:

1.  Pray for them - this is most important and is seen as the key to opening up unreached villages

2.  Provide financial support - contact Bruce Judd for details

3.  Join a ministry team to visit one or all of these places

We encourage you to seek the Lord about how you might become involved in this exciting outreach to India.